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Web3 IT Platform Technology for the Future of Living


Years Experience in IT and Construction


​Countries & Regions


Professionals in EU, SEA, China and India

We are shaping the e-commerce of the future

Metawolf represents innovation for the building materials business. Our e-commerce platform is dedicated to offering sustainable building products in various categories to improve people’s living conditions. With the support of web3 technologies, we are committed to creating distinguishing buying experience for our customers.


Driving sustainability throughout the building lifecycle

Buildings account for 39% of global carbon emissions. 11% is from building materials and construction, while 28% is from building energy consumption. Metawolf provides sustainable building products for the construction phase and is exploring smart energy solutions for the operation phase, which facilitate energy saving and carbon emission throughout the building lifecycle. 

Leveraging Web3 Technologies

Technological innovation is the key to drive human efficiency. The rise of Web3 technology is creating a decentralized way of living and transacting, setting up the new standard of efficiency and security.

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To enhance customers’ buying experience such as smart product recommendations, customer services and visual product search, etc.



To explore decentralized way of transacting and security.

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To connect all points for real-time inventory and logistics information.



To create new trends and experience for online buying.


Headless E-commerce

To enable omnichannel shopping experience.

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Payment, instalment, and financing to be made easy on e-commerce platforms.

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