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Sustainable Building Products for the Building Vertical


Metawolf xTWO is a Web3-based e-commerce platform for the building and construction vertical. We provide sustainable building materials and smart appliances in high quality, with the goal to serve every customer with the desired products at the most affordable prices. By cooperating with top branded manufactures closely, we offer you massive savings upfront on branded products with heavy discount. xTWO always keeps your personal interests in mind, for more information please visit:

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Renewable Energy

Metawolf Solar is a German manufacturer of solar energy products and systems. With advanced German engineering expertise, innovative technology and the commitment to sustainability, the company offers high-quality solar panels, advanced inverters, cutting-edge batteries, as well as software applications, and integrated solar energy systems to empower individuals and businesses to optimize energy usage, save on long-term costs, and actively contribute to achieving carbon net zero.


BOIZEBURG SOLARCERAMICS GmbH, a pioneering German porcelain tile manufacturer, is dedicated to revolutionizing ceramic tile production through sustainable practices. Our vision is to achieve complete independence from fossil fuels by harnessing solar energy for our operations. With a commitment to digital and ecological transformation, we aim to lead the industry into the future while eliminating fuel emissions entirely and driving down energy production costs. Catering to the needs of the German specialist and wholesale trade, as well as the DIY sector, we offer a diverse range of market-oriented ceramic products tailored for both residential and commercial applications.

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